construction worker on a roof wearing safety gear

Falling Objects Can Kill: Secure Your Tools

How Can You Prevent Being Hit By A Falling Object?

Construction accidents don't have to happen in most cases. Many incidents that happen are a result of mistakes, a lack of preparation or simply not following safety rules on the job. Employers may try to take shortcuts to save money, too.

Of the construction accidents that can happen, one common type is when a worker is hit by a falling object. This can happen in a variety of instances. For example, if one worker is installing an outdoor window on the second floor and drops a drill, that drill could fall and strike someone who is working below.

Even with a hard hat and other safety gear, a hit from a heavy object falling from a high place can be painful and cause injury. That's why workers who are above others need to secure their tools.

Taking the time to secure a tool to prevent it from falling if it's dropped could be a life-saving choice. Some simple ways to do this include:

  • Securing tools with a strap
  • Hooking your tools on a belt loop
  • Using a specific tether or other approved safety equipment to secure your tools

What Injuries Do Workers Suffer From Falling Objects?

Those who are struck by falling objects may suffer from traumatic brain injuries, lacerations, contusions, and other injuries, depending on where they're struck. They may need to seek emergency care. In severe cases, they could be killed by being struck by a falling object.

If you are hit by falling objects on the job, remember that you can speak up. Safety is a necessary component on a construction site, and no one should be taking shortcuts to try to finish a job or work faster if it means putting others at risk.

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