Choosing The Right Attorney

It Is Crucial To Work With A Proven And Committed Attorney

At Asvar Law, our attorneys focus on one thing and one thing only: serious catastrophic injuries. We were the first law firm in California to elect to focus on only brain injury litigation in the field of workers' compensation law. Others have followed since, but they have never managed to come close to our results. When you meet with us, you are meeting with the attorneys who will take your case from the initial phone call, to the filing of the claim, to the final stages of litigation. If we decide that we can assist in your case, we will not collect any fees until the end, and only as a fair portion of your settlement or award.

We are well-known for our legal ability and well-respected for our dedication to all of our clients. We know how high the stakes are in serious injury cases and are committed to obtaining a favorable result for you and your family. We are here for you whether you need an advocate for a personal injury claim or workers' compensation matter.

As soon as a serious injury happens, you may recognize that you need to take legal action to cover medical and rehabilitation costs, your lost income, and other expenses. So where to begin? In California, as much as the rest of the nation, you will see billboard after billboard for attorney referral companies attempting to lure you to their phone lines with promises of "millions of dollars won". The problem is that a million dollars, spread over 500 cases, does not amount to much. These services are not law firms, they are essentially referral services to law firms with questionable experience, results and level of care and compassion.

Important Information About Attorney Referral Services

  1. Beware: Many of these companies market themselves as law firms, when they may not have a single litigation attorney on staff.
  2. These companies are mass referral services, which means that they make money each time they sell an injury case to an attorney for a referral fee. This means that your case may be one of a hundred sent to a law firm in a given month, and not receive the attention it deserves for years.
  3. After the referral is made, typically the referral company is no longer involved with the personal injury matter and it's a luck of the draw what the receiving attorney does with your case.
  4. Referral companies try to keep their overhead low by paying low wages to workers with limited professional or educational backgrounds. As a result, the individuals who process requests may not understand the complexities of your injury case and may not make an appropriate referral to a firm serious about protecting your rights.

So given the importance of your case, please do your research and start right with a firm that knows what they are doing. We have substituted into dozens of cases where the first attorney or law firm did nothing but waste the client's time and opportunity for a fair trial. Sometimes we were able to fix and mitigate the damages. Sometimes, there is very little that can be done for the lost time. Do it right. Start with us.

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