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In California and across the country, premises liability laws hold property owners accountable for maintaining their property and keeping it free from slip, trip or falling hazards. When they fail to warn visitors or employees of dangerous conditions or address these problem areas, people can get seriously hurt.

At Asvar Law, our lawyers advocate for personal injury victims who have suffered life-altering injuries on another's property in Los Angeles or other locations in the state. Our team has strong negotiation and litigation experience, which we leverage when we represent you in or out of court. We are dedicated to securing compensation for your catastrophic injuries whether they occurred at work or off-site.

Challenging At-Fault Parties To Get The Damages You Deserve

Insurance companies are often responsible for paying out slip-and-fall claims and other premises liability claims on behalf of negligent property owners. These cases can be difficult to win because insurance providers and their lawyers take aggressive legal action to keep their payouts low.

Our lawyers develop effective strategies that anticipate tactics at-fault parties use. We have obtained favorable results for clients who have been injured due to:

  • Slip hazards that include wet or slick surfaces and uneven stair surfaces
  • Trip hazards such as loose carpeting or tiles, poorly lit-parking lots, construction equipment
  • Falling hazards such as poorly secured shelving units, merchandise, ceiling tiles and scaffolding

Many people typically associate twisted ankles with a slip, trip or fall. However, these accidents can lead to back or spinal injuries, concussions or traumatic brain injuries, which often require extensive and expensive medical support to rehabilitate.

At Asvar Law, we understand that your financial future may depend on the settlement you receive. We will fight to get a just and fair outcome.

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