About Us

Asvar Law, APC is a boutique law firm dedicated to achieving optimal results through intelligent litigation and intensely personal client service.   Our attorneys are well-versed in various aspects of civil litigation and worker’s compensation practice and have served a wide range of clients: from national corporations and private equity investors, to mid-size firms, to small family-owned businesses and individuals entrepreneurs, to not least of all, the private plaintiff or the injured worker embroiled in a catastrophic injury claim.  

Our team of litigators, dealmakers, and scientific experts routinely achieve extraordinary results by working creatively together.  We have the ability to draw on the knowledge, experience and expert opinion of our people at a moment’s notice.   

One of Asvar Law’s key areas of focus is brain injury and catastrophic litigation.   We are proud of our accomplishments in this field which have lead to record-setting outcomes for our clients.

We pride ourselves in the close relationships we forge with our clients, relationships that last for years after the successful resolution of the original case.  

Asvar Law.  We are here.™


We are the premier law firm specializing in catastrophic and brain injury litigation, serving clients throughout California.