"I absolutely could never put into words what you have done for me and the gratitude I have toward you and your staff. You gave me the chance of having a new life, one that has possibilities that I never thought were possible after my accident. I will be forever grateful for God putting you in my life and blessing me, you who believed me and worked so hard for me to have a life."

Mary M., Huntington Beach, CA

"I was injured at work and somehow was lucky enough to find this law firm. I was at my wit's end trying to figure everything and had never been in a situation where I felt so vulnerable. He and his team scooped me up, helped me out in so many ways, they not only won my case but surprised me with a compensation that was beyond what I thought was possible."

Michelle P., Sherman Oaks, CA

"Everyone at Asvar Law has gone above and beyond expectations to ensure that during this long and treacherous process I was as comfortable as possible. They made sure that my needs as an injured person were met. I am very happy that I chose Chris and his team, and my only regret is that I did not chose them sooner."

John G., Riverside, CA